Hardening the security of Woocommerce in 9 simple steps


Although e-commerce has been made easy and gratis by WordPress Woocommerce, but still it has several loop holes that might cause potential security risks to your online store. To secure the business for long term you need to consider Woocommerce security as a major obligation in development of ecommerce store. We introduce you to a course of action that will help you in hardening the security of Woocommerce website.

1. Secure hosting service

When thinking to a hosting services for a new ecommerce store, do proper research to find the most suitable, reputable and secure hosting service provider. Always prefer a well-established hosting company instead of a cheaper one to opt strong security measures for your investment. Must get some reviews of previous hosting service users to get the idea of how the company works and how much support they provide in case to face any problems.
Few renowned hosting services are:

  • iPage
  • Blue Host
  • Hostgator
  • Just Host
  • IXWebHosting

2. Keep woocommerce updated

A lot of hackers will take advantage of your laziness if you keep older versions of Woocommerce as they are more vulnerable to security threats. Do update woocommerce version whenever a new update comes on the way to increase its protection level. But wait, it can be a bit tricky. Do consider all the plugins that are currently running within the ecommerce store. There might be some plugins that won’t work with recent versions of Woocommerce. To deal with this issue, find alternate plugins that are latest enough to be compatible with the newer version of woocommerce.

3. Avoid admin username

It’s a simpler yet effective step to change Login user name from admin to something else. Admin is a default username and can be the easiest channel to attack. Same is the case with passwords; a hard password can keep you safe from dictionary attacks.

4. Have backup & recovery plan

Keep yourself always prepared to beat hacker’s attacks. Always maintain regular backups of your website once in a week. It will help you to get recent saved version of your website if it goes down in response to a malicious strike. You can take backup help from WordPress Codex or use WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin to automate the backups.

5. Security plugins can help

To support your security plan, you can include some useful wordpress security plugins in your website. For reliable WordPress protection there are number of security plugins that offer security of firewall, database, logins, protection against brute force attack and more. Here are few of them listed below:

  • wordfence – fully featured security plugin
  • Better-wp-security – Multiple security features
  • Sucuri-scanner – Provide scans for malicious attacks
  • Bulletproof-security – protects website via .htaccess
  • All-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall – Adds a firewall

6. Never display Username on Author Archive URL

Another way to get access to the username of your woocommerce site if Author Archive pages. WordPress shows author name in URL by default and attackers can use this as a security loop hole. Hide author name from WordPress database by changing the user_nicename entry.

7. Enforce secure checkout in Settings

To impose more precautions use SSL certificate on the server. The force SSL settings in Woocommerce ensure the availability of particular pages containing sensitive data like checkout to be shown on HTTPS if allowed.

8. Secure database

Make sure that your database has strong password and restricted access to keep it error and hack free. A simple security tip WordPress database is to change the prefix of tables from wp- to something else to avoid easy guess. Ensure that you maintain database backups to get quick recovery whenever it encounters intrusion.

9. Edit htaccess file

Your Woocommerce database might face Mysql injection attacks that can be avoided by advance precaution by appending the .htaccess rule. By adding a code snippet into htaccess file you can restrict several kinds of suspicious requests and agents. Be careful before you make any changes to your website as it can cost serious damages if done in incorrectly.

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