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The services we provide include:

  • Extension development/ Upgrading
  • Customization of Browser extensions
  • Custom integration with existing server setup
  • Custom Browser Toolbar development

Why Choose Us for Browser Extension Development services:

  • High Quality Solutions:

    We are focused to offer exceptional browser extensions in latest technologies
    with optimum quality to build trustworthy relation with our clients.

  • Professional Assistance:

    Our technical experts and engineers provide professional assistance to cater
    consumer issues and corporate concerns.

  • Specialized Expertise:

    We serve our clients with specialized domain expertise to resolve intricate
    problems with austere and accommodating solutions.

Extensions Not Toolbars:

Remember the Google Toolbar that we used to download for Internet Explorer back in 2000s. Browsers (such as Chrome) have come a long way from then. During the toolbar boom, every product company on Earth started shipping toolbar with their installation file; so much so they sometimes extended to almost half the viewable screen. Needless to say those clunky behemoths are no more in fashion, thank Heavens.
Most of the Google Toolbar functionality (search, bookmarks, translation tool etc) is now built-in into the browser itself. Toolbars are out dated version of browser extensions which extends the functionality of standard browser toolbar. Toolbars are browser specific; a toolbar working on one browser cannot work on others. Extensions on the other hand extend the features of browser itself and give rich user experience with latest tools. Extensions can be built for specific browser or for cross-browser.

Technologies We Use:

The technologies we utilize to create state of the art extensions involve

  • HTML files (unless the extension is a theme)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) serves as skin for extension
  • JavaScript (builds the structure of browser extension)
  • JQuery (Built-in JS functions)
  • JQuery UI
  • Locale Files (cross-country languages can be added using locales)
  • (description to installation or other necessary details)
  • XML & JSON (data exchange file formats)
  • A manifest file (Base file which tells which file to run at which time)

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