5 Woocommerce development tips to raise conversions on e-store

Woocommerce development tips

If you want to enhance user experience of your ecommerce store, you must have to take Woocommerce development seriously. These days, Woocommerce is most famous and convenient e-commerce solution for any WordPress based website. To make your e-store run by leaps and bounds, you need to pay attention to the significant aspects of creation and management of e-shop.

To become a successful merchant, you need to put yourself in client’s shoes and analyze the shopping experience that you offer to your visitors. Each section of the store must be optimized and employed to attract large number of visitors and turn them into loyal customers with help of web presentation, customer relation and handy analysis tools. Although finding and selecting beneficial ways to raise conversion rate would be daunting, but few here we will share few brilliant tips that can help you increase sales many times.

  • Optimize site speed

When any client visits your e-store, the first thing that can bounce back or convert him into a sale is the loading speed of the website. A store with heavy traffic cannot afford to slow down to make its clients weight to place an order, as every customer is a valuable entity to improve conversion rate. You may lose more than 90% of your customers if your load speed exceeds 10 seconds. Speed optimization helps you too keep the loading delay under 4 seconds to manage customers on runtime.

The best thing about Woocommerce is that it offers plentiful extensions and plugins to integrate more functionality to your e-store. You can get a free Woocommerce plugin to manage sales, product listing, sales tracking, payment solution etc or can get a premium Woocommerce plugin to match your needs. Free plugins are more suitable for cheap and basic solutions whereas premium option can bring more sophisticated and flexible functionality.

  • Integrate with MailChimp

MailChimp is a wonderful Email marketing solution which can be integrated with to automate Email marketing tasks and analyze customer information and add it to subscribers list.  Along with basic features, it also assists you in adding other utilities like eCommerce360 to track customer’s buying behavior for planning future campaigns.

  • Smooth checkout process

Every hurdle a client faces to buy a product from your online shop can decrease the sales output. Woocommerce development offers swift, easy and supportive checkout process which can help you to reduce barriers and give your buyers a lifetime shopping experience. Do not force buyers to register with store before the purchase, keep this incentive for afterwards. Default Woocommerce checkout page have large form, you can make it short with important fields to facilitate the user. Likewise minimize the overall checkout process, offer multiple payment options, give free shipping offer and provide sooth security concerns to make the process stress free.

  • Customer review option

Genuine and latest customer reviews is what a new buyer searches before making a purchase online. You must give your customers a clear picture of the products and services you offer through views of previous buyers. To add this functionality you can turn on the prompting email options from Woocommerce, just follow Woocommerce > Settings > Emails. On the other hand if you like your buyers to leave a review right after the product purchase use the “Completed Order” email to insert a call to action which will invite the customer to leave a review.

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